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No Email No Business - Why You Need an In-House Mail Server?

Email Works best if used properly
Today email has become an important part of every business. No business can afford to stay away of using emails. Email is the fastest and cost effective way of communication. All the employees communicate with the customers/suppliers/business partners using the company email addresses.

Threats associated with improper email usage:

With the increasing dependency on email it has become a prime security concern. There are various threats when email is used widely in an organization in their day to day activities:

8   Emails can carry sensitive data like Tenders, Quotations out of your organization without anybody knowing about it
8   If an employee is not communicating properly to a client for whom he is responsible then it can spoil the company’s image.
8   Someone can use email to take out your important documents like case studies, client contacts etc.

Because of all these threats it has become very important for any organization to monitor every single email which goes out or comes in via company email addresses.


This can be achieved by implementing an in-house email server which will take care of these security threats. Email server software can be useful for implementing many other features and can also save your internet download bandwidth to a great extent.

Features which can be implemented through an in-house email server:

8   Individual Email Id: Every user can have their individual email ids to communicate internally or externally with other employees without any additional cost of buying email Ids. Internal emails can be sent even if when internet connection is down.

8   No Internet Required: No need to give Internet access to all the PCs. They will be able to send emails to anyone without having internet access on their PC. Internet is required only on the PC where the Email server is installed.

8   Save Internet Cost: If you have single email id which is used by many users then email server will download the emails once and will be distributed to all the users. Thus saving on internet bandwidth.
8   Enhance Security: Some email accounts can be marked as Local only. This will ensure that using these email ids no emails will be able to go out of office. They are allowed to communicate internally only.

8   Monitor Outgoing Emails: It can be configured to automatically CC the management for all the emails that goes out of your organization. Thus management can keep an eye on all the mails.

8   Monitor Incoming Emails: Management can also get a copy of all the incoming emails coming to all emails Ids.

8   Control Spam: Anti-Spam feature can control the spam mails

8   Auto-Reply Features: Out-of-Office feature can be used to automatically reply mails when a user is on a vacation or out for a business trip.

How can we help you?

We can assist you in procuring, installing and maintaining the in-house email server. We have experience of managing these types of servers in various organizations ranging from small business to a corporate house. These email servers can support all types of email clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Eudora etc. It also gives a web based email access to users. We can assure you that by implementing this solution you can not only monitor and control the email communication but also save on bandwidth expenses and increase the staff productivity.

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